Of course, with $100K, you might able to build the immersion system which would be great.

But most people won’t able to do so.

While you were looking around at Alibaba, many sellers just tell you if you want to make money, you have to suffer the noise of the miners, but the reality is there are actually several good and profitable miner models available in the market.

Some people said ASIC miners are focusing on certain algorithm, so we could get the most performance out of it, but the reality is that it is getting expensive recently, which could be due to the shortage of chip supply.

In previous article, I shared a sheet of recent crypto miners price, including ASIC, graphic cards. It turns out that the best performance machine is ASIC indeed, but they are more expensive, would cost at least $10K/pc. While graphic cards machine could be slight better, especially the price drop recently. With about $600 in RX580, you could get the pay…

Well, it really depends on what’s your purpose of mining, a home garage mining or professional solo mine. The price of miner machine could be from < $100 up to $20,000.

There are some websites could help you making decision:

  1. ASIC Machine Value https://www.asicminervalue.com/
    I think that’s the website provide most information on the crypto miners, including the official miner machine website, market, price and most important the profitability.
  2. NiceHash https://www.nicehash.com/
    NiceHash provides a lot services for crypto industry including mining software, exchange market, ASIC information, but mostly focusing on European market.
  3. VoskCoinTalk https://voskcointalk.com/
    I think as an individual, Vosk contributes…

Weijing Jay Lin

A Multi Roles Developer in San Francisco

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