I think it really depends on many factors but in the majority, the scammers are actually easy to find out since most of them are just poor people who can’t find a job. They are less knowledgeable and unprofessional in the daily trading business.

Here are a few lists of…

Of course, with $100K, you might able to build the immersion system which would be great.

But most people won’t able to do so.

While you were looking around at Alibaba, many sellers just tell you if you want to make money, you have to suffer the noise of the…

Some people said ASIC miners are focusing on certain algorithm, so we could get the most performance out of it, but the reality is that it is getting expensive recently, which could be due to the shortage of chip supply.

In previous article, I shared a sheet of recent crypto…

Weijing Jay Lin

A Multi Roles Developer in San Francisco

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