• Saúl Buentello

    Saúl Buentello

    #G3ekArmy, Web Developer & Data Enthusiast. Coordinador académico & Instructor en KMMX. #KotlinCDMX Organizer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sbuentello/

  • qka47


    广东喜之郎海苔食品袋干燥剂曾弄瞎5个娃眼睛 !在梅县投资20亿建设.3亿入股神华.后海商业用地 5.41亿底价夺放巨额广告.谁之罪!上海贪官禁止“电动平衡车”上路:怎么创新?怎么发展?伟大的中国梦!

  • Michael Voigt

    Michael Voigt

    Robots, VR and AR

  • George Studenko

    George Studenko

    Software developer and AI enthusiast. Having fun with Computer Vision. Get in touch with me here https://linktr.ee/gnstudenko. Looking for a mentor in tech?

  • Rina Qiu

    Rina Qiu

  • Koes de Quillettes

    Koes de Quillettes

  • yeson ye

    yeson ye

    yeson fashion

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