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  • Tuwang.z


    🧱 I help moving bricks; I journal a page or two 📔

  • VoskCoin


    I’m Drew Vosk the creator of VoskCoin, the most fun and informative crypto YouTube channel ever! I’m also the Doge Dad to Tails, the cutest Shiba Inu.

  • Roi Lavan

    Roi Lavan

    Growth PM at Lyft, Ex VP Product Convertro & AOL, Entrepreneur, Martech expert, builder of products & businesses

  • Sebastian McKenzie

    Sebastian McKenzie

    I’m a Software Engineer living in London working on JavaScript Engineer at Facebook. From Wodonga, Australia.

  • Adam Yee

    Adam Yee

    A human.

  • Cassie Kozyrkov

    Cassie Kozyrkov

    Head of Decision Intelligence, Google. ❤️ Stats, ML/AI, data, puns, art, theatre, decision science. All views are my own. twitter.com/quaesita

  • Ives van Hoorne

    Ives van Hoorne

    Student @utwente and developer @catawiki. Creator of https://codesandbox.io. Elixir & Javascript are my jam

  • Deepak Gupta

    Deepak Gupta

    I write about everything related to programming in the easiest and simplest way I can. Connect with me via https://bit.ly/2RUN1RW and Do follow me :)

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